All email services are not alike
and email for shipping is different


Some unique and useful features:

  • Access to mail helpdesk for assistance with every single message deliverery. Our helpdesk will deal not only with issues on your side but on the other side as well.
  • Large scale array of servers for outgoing email, dispersed geographically over the world to ensure redundancy and maximum deliverability.
  • Rock solid, dedicated infrastructure with several dozens of servers, 16 Gbit/s bandwidth, handling about 1.6 million messages per day.
  • Incoming email redundancy at no extra cost. Mail server traffic may be diverted within 10 minutes.
  • Mail panel for outgoing message traffic with detailed information for deliveries, issues, and statistics, per message, per circular. Daily traffic report to make sense of your outgoing emails.
  • Antispam/antivirus protection for shipping taking into account whether the sender is a shipping company and the latest malicious attacks targeting the maritime sector.
  • Get notified automatically when your mailbox is accessed from more than one country to prevent cases of unauthorized access. In addition, our helpdesk will observe and notify you accordingly for suspicious access that may signify a possible password leak. (i.e. following a malware infection of a PC).
  • Helpdesk assistance to prevent and recognize mail fraud. Practical advice for email fraud and phising and/or detailed documentation for a specific message.
  • Our mail helpdesk will bring to your attention any suspicious auto forwards to prevent unauthorized message access and/or disable message auto forwards altogether.
  • Split domain setup for organizations that use more than one email systems. Users or vessels stay informed both for incoming and outgoing messages regardless of which email system they are using.
  • Sanitize circular lists from wrong/obsolete emails using the mail panel or our helpdesk.
    Email Flow Monitoring 24*7*365, end to end testing of your email system health. Know about email issues and delays before your users, before these become a problem.
  • Do-it-yourself on-line tools for blacklisting, whitelisting, mail traffic, domain information, mail accounts/forwards and web hosting.
  • Managed service with human interaction, care and advice for the best practices of email in shipping. All requests are noted, detailed and preserved for future tracking.

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